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The artist


Italian Dreamer, the stage name of Federico Guercio, is a multifaceted artist who has always been passionate about art. Born in Turin at the end of the 80s, since his adolescence he has always immersed himself in worlds where creativity, inventiveness and art were breathed, starting from the direction of high school theatrical performances, up to the search for many particular shots or reworked in post production. There are many favorite subjects, natural shots, animals, landscapes up to trying to photograph the abstract.

From 2018 onwards Italian Dreamer has found a new artistic vein by dedicating itself to the production of paintings and sculptures to highlight the tendency to exploit, or be exploited, by this increasingly present technology that can bring great advantages, but can also hide some dangerous pitfalls. The artistic techniques are varied, mainly acrylic colors and the application of computer hardware components are used. Since 2019 Laurea has developed a new collection of works, however the main theme, using spray art to send the message to the universe.

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